JW Roulette Wheel Bird Toy

JW Roulette Wheel Bird Toy

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Product Description:

Entice your pet bird and help encourage active play with the JW® Pet ActiviToy® Roulette Wheel mirrored bird toy. The reflective surfaces and spinner help your pet bird stay entertained and provides both physical and mental stimulation. Your feathered friend won't be able to get enough of this cleverly designed toy. The shiny mirror entices your pet bird, while the mirror-tipped spinner encourages active play. It attaches easily to both horizontal and vertical barred cages for no-hassle hanging. Made from plastic for safe, long-lasting use. Great for keeping parakeets, cockatiels and other similar sized birds vibrant and energetic.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in 17.75 × 12.75 × 2.5 cm
Product Weight 0.15 lb 68 g