About us

We started Petlantis as a small family owned business with only one goal: to provide quality products and services to all pet owners.

Petlantis started with just an idea in 2018, to become incorporated in January 2019, and grow faster than ever in 2020.

Why Us?

We know about the challenges pet owners face, and our goal is to provide a solution for every single one of them.

Trusting our products:

We have a team dedicated to test a sample of each of our products and provide a detailed review for each of them. Rest assure that no product will be listed on petlantis.ca before going through testing.

Trusting our staff:

All of our employees and Petlancers go through many training stages to provide you with the best service possible. In addition, we are all trained in Pet First Aid & CPR and hold a valid certification. We know trusting someone to take good care of your pet isn't easy, that's why everyone in our family is required to keep their Pet First Aid & CPR qualification up-to date.